Web design is one thing. Web development is entirely different. To love the design and have a passion for graphics is an entirely different skill set than most people know. Just because a company is good at graphics, doesn’t mean they’re good at marketing and user experience. Just because they’re good at UI/UX and marketing doesn’t mean they’re good at graphics. It takes a holistic skill set to understand both. Most companies today can’t do it all because – although their original creator or entrepreneur might know a lot – that doesn’t translate to their employees. Employees generally specialize in one thing. They are great at that one thing and that’s it. They try very hard to perfect that one thing that affects their paycheck. But everything affects the entrepreneur’s paycheck.

Making sure you have realistic expectations for the service you hire is crucial. There is only so much investment money, but endless tasks and companies to spend money on. This is the problem with tech today. It’s saturated in the wrong way. There are tons of people who will promise things they can’t deliver and offer services they can’t themselves perform. Then they’ll outsource to some kid in India and risk your money hoping the thing works out. They learn on the job which is a very new school way to do business.

One time I hired a guy who seemed legit. It was just him and his computer, no employees, no office, etc. He just loved his work and was very anti-social. I trusted him because he fit the stereotype so precisely. However, he was spending money left and right getting cheap links and cheap coding done to my website. Everything was good and business was growing for a couple months after I hired the guy – then all of a sudden something changed. My Google ratings tanked. I called him and he didn’t know what was going on. He checked and the ratings were still there and he said he couldn’t help me, I must’ve been “attacked.” Fast forward 6 months, I hired another guy who finally told me the truth. I had “bad SEO” meaning it took a couple months for Google to catch up to the sketchy stuff this guy was doing but they did. I lost respect in Google’s eyes for trying to cheat the system and it would be a long road to recovery.

Soon I’ll be 20 years in business. I’ve accomplished a lot but I’ve learned a lot more. Don’t make the mistakes I made.